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Managing Integrity: What Executives Need to Know

CEU Business School Center for Integrity in Business and Government (CIBG) in partnership with Prime Study hosted01 an executive training ‘Managing Integrity: What Executive Need to Know’ in Tbilisi on June 23-24, 2014. Event was held at Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.

Training gathered about 30 senior executives representing business and government entities from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The objective of this executive training was to focus on specific topics, such as integrity management and methods to enhance integrity, including compliance and available models of compliance systems globally, understanding the importance of business anthropology and cultural differences in managing integrity, and using business intelligence as a tool to mitigate risks and enhance integrity. The training consisted of interactive presentations, case study analyses, group work and video exercises, concluded by plenary discussions.

Trainers who led the seminar were:


Goldberg, Ellen MPA

Ellen has over three decades of experience in public policy development and executive management, having worked in the US government and in international NGOs developing public services (health, education, employment and social services) in collaboration with government ministries. Ellen trains academics and trainers of public officials in integrity education, academic integrity and the use of interactive teaching methods with action-learning. Her focus includes developing service delivery systems inclusive and accessible to ethnic minorities, women and youth, engaging citizens, public officials and implementing business stakeholders. She has managed projects in public health and administration, education, strategic planning and evaluation, knowledge and information systems.


02Hardi, Peter PhD

Peter is Professor of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the CEU Business School and the Director of the Center for Integrity in Business and Government, leading a multi-million dollar project on Integrity Education, developing an Integrity Curriculum Framework and

testing it in degree and non-degree programs in transition economies. He has more than two decades training and capacity building practice in diverse areas such as strategic assessment, reporting, corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and business integrity. His present research focuses on corporate governance and transparency, corporate social responsibility and business integrity. His team participates in major European Commission funded international research projects in these areas.


Sarvari, Nicholas MA03

The managing partner of a now London-based risk consultancy, CNS Risk, Nicholas is a corporate risk and intelligence advisor that has been providing support for international companies throughout Central Eastern Europe and in Former Soviet Union countries for nearly fifteen years. His contribution to learning            involves teaching managers and business owners the importance of corporate intelligence as a tool in mitigating risk, forming strategy and defending business integrity. He is a contributor to the development of CEU Business School Integrity Curriculum Framework through the Siemens Integrity Initiative grant received by CEU Business School’s Center for Integrity in Business and Government, and has been President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary since 2009.


Torsello, Davide PhD

Davide is an Associate Professor at CEU Business School. He trained in socio-cultural anthropology at academic institutions of different countries. Through over ten years of ethnographic fieldwork research experience mostly in Central Eastern Europe, Italy and Japan, he developed sensitivity investigating trust, corruption, informal economy, interpersonal and power relations, performance of government institutions and organizations and has been able to construct case studies based on the use of different research methodologies. He has extensive teaching experience at BA, MA, and PhD level. He taught at different universities in the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Slovakia and the UK.