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Kaplan International English (Multi-Campus)

Kaplan International English can help you meet your English language goals, with a variety of courses all over the2 world. With 45+ accredited schools for adults and young learners across 8 English-speaking countries, Kaplan International Colleges offers world-class English language education and the experience of a lifetime. It offers a range of courses for students aged 12 and up, and have done so for more than 40 years. Last year, more than 70,000 students traveled and studied with Kaplan, and 9 of 10 would recommend Kaplan to friends and family.

Kaplan has schools in English-speaking countries across the world, from the most busy, popular cities to relaxing beach front towns. We take pride in choosing school facilities that provide the best all-around experience for our students. Choose your course length, and even add more lessons while you’re studying. Classes start every Monday, so you can join at any time!


Learn English in the United States
Study English in one of Kaplan’s 21 amazing locations across the United States.
• Choose whether you want to live in the center of a big city, near the beach, or on a university campus.
• Live the local culture with your school’s busy social calendar, or travel across America with your new friends from Kaplan!
• Stay with a host family, or share a student residence with other Kaplan students



Available school locations in the United States:

• Boston – Fenway
• Boston – Harvard Square
• Boston – Northeastern University
• Chicago
• Chicago – I.I.T.
• California – Irvine
• Los Angeles – Westwood
• Los Angeles – Whittier
• Miami
• New York – Empire State Building
• New York – Midtown
• New York – SoHo
• Philadelphia
• Portland
• San Diego
• San Francisco
• San Francisco – Berkeley
• Santa Barbara
• Seattle
• Seattle – Highline C.C.
• Washington D.C.


Learn English in the UK
Study in the home of the English language. The UK offers a range of cities and towns to study in, from beachside to city center, historical to modern and in-between. Live with a family in a homestay or more independently in student residences. Enjoy the history, culture and modern style of the UK.
Kaplan offers a great range of courses in our schools, plus the specialized K+ teaching method and materials to ensure that you get the best out of our lessons, inside and outside of the classroom.

6Available school locations in the United Kingdom:

• Bath
• Bournemouth
• Cambridge
• Edinburgh
• Liverpool
• London – Covent Garden
• London – Leicester Square
• Manchester
• Oxford
• Salisbary
• Torquay


Learn English in Australia

Study English in Australia and discover life down under. Enjoy the lifestyle, whether it’s near the beach or in the center of a big city. All of our schools are centrally located in some of the most exciting places in Australia. Choose between homestay living with a family or student housing for a more independent experience. Take advantage of all the activities offered at your school and get to know Australia first-hand.
Kaplan offers a variety of courses to choose from, whether you want to focus on a business certificate or become fluent in English to use every day. Kaplan teachers ensure that you get the most out of your education with Kaplan and that you get the skills you want and need.


Available school locations in Australia9

• Adelaide
• Brisbane
• Cairns
• Melbourne
• Perth
• Sydney
• Sydney – Manly




Learn English in Auckland, New Zealand

Study English among the natural wonders of New Zealand. Kaplan school is centrally located, with great access to16 everything Auckland has to offer. It offers a busy social calendar filled with events to help you get to know your classmates and your new city. Live with a family or in student housing and build worldwide friendships in an international student community.
Get a great English education no matter which of Kaplan courses you choose! Caring, dedicated teachers will help you gain fluency and pick up the skills you want and need to improve your English.


Learn English in Canada 



Study English in one of Canada’s cosmopolitan cities. Toronto and Vancouver offer a variety of sights, activities and events, plus a friendly attitude and cultural diversity. Take advantage of the busy social calendar, get to know the city better and make new friends. Live in a homestay with a family or with other students in more independent student housing. Our schools are centrally located, perfect for exploring.
Courses in Canada are rigorous, and Kaplan teachers are dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of lessons. Choose from a variety of courses, from vocational English to exam preparation or courses that focus specifically on every day English.


Learn English in Ireland 


Experience the famed Irish friendliness when you study English in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is an easy-to-explore city with lots to see and do. Take advantage of a full social calendar through the school and make friends, see Ireland and make lifelong memories. Experience the magic of Ireland, its unspoiled countryside, buzzy cities and the inspiration in thousands of years of history.
Take courses in a modern and well-equipped school and learn with the K+ system – combining learning inside and outside of the classroom to give you the quickest path to fluency.


Learn English in Malta
Study English in a Mediterranean paradise. Malta has a rich history inspired by a variety of cultures, and every 13moment there is another opportunity to explore. Sliema is the perfect base for learning English and discovering Malta, a sunny island with a laid-back atmosphere.
Focus on exam preparation or building fluency with our English courses in Sliema. Stay for a full year or semester or as long as you want with Kaplan’s flexible courses.



Learn English in Singapore
Singapore is the perfect destination for those looking to enhance their business English skills. This modern and 15clean city is great for experiencing a new culture and making business connections.
Learn business English with professional teachers who are well-prepared to give you the essential skills for your current or future career. Gain an extra level of qualifications with English specifically geared towards professionals.

For detailed information on available courses, fees and schedules please contact Prime Study.

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