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Fundesem trains students to face the future with confidence and certainty.

Fundesem Business School is a business school of international renown, oriented towards the personal and professional development of its students and improving company management through management tools and advanced training.

There are many reasons for studying at Fundesem. This is a business school with over 45 years’ experience, having trained over 60,000 students and offer quality programs taught using a practical, effective methodology.


Program Portfolio


Business Education

  • MBA Fundesem – in Spanish, Fee: 12,075 EUR
  • International MBA (IMBA) – in English, Fee: 12,075 EUR, Start Date: October, Admissions: Profile XT Test (school’s customized exam) and the interview (video-conference with the Program Director), no GMAT/GRE or standard English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) required.
  • International MBA Executive (IME) – in Spanish, Tuition: 17,350 EUR.

International Trade

  • Máster en Comercio Internacional (MACI) – in Spanish.


Law School

  • Master in Legal Consulting for Businesses (MAJE)
  • Master in Legal Practice (MAB)
  • Master in Tax Law Consulting for Businesses (MAFE)


Hospitality Management

  • Master of Hospitality Management


Business Languages

  • Master of Business Languages (MBL)


For detailed information on admission please contact Prime Study.



Alicante is the ideal city in which to study. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, it combines the classic with the modern, leisure with business and entertainment in an academic ambiance; a place with a high quality of life and opportunities for professional growth. Alicante offers Fundesem students magnificent conditions to study and enjoy themselves. With an average annual temperature of 18ºC, varied landscapes and hundreds of kilometres of beaches, Alicante has become one of the most visited destinations for tourists in the world.

It is a city with areas for open-air exercise and a modern services infrastructure and transport system allowing convenient, cheap connections with the rest of Spain and the main cities of Europe and the rest of the world. Alicante offers a more than full cultural life: museums containing renowned collections, the local Mediterranean cuisine based on rice, fresh fish and seafood, local traditional fiestas, famous international business franchises and supermarkets offering products from different









countries and established music and cinema festivals and exhibitions. The quality of life is complemented by the treatment of visitors by its people, who ask them to feel safe, calm and wishing to enjoy every day in the city.